How do you manage a big mess to get the results you want?

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John Scanlon, a management consultant with Financial Transformations Incorporated, helps executive teams design and run leadership campaigns.

The most recent March entries on Health Reform WA highlight how health care reform is one big mess. I’d characterize the elements as: More Access – More Cost. Awesome expansion of expensive access is arriving. ACA in one year has … Continue reading

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Insight on health care reform vision from recent postings

What would we expect our health care system to look like if health care reform was successful? Recent posts to this web site suggest that health care system will look different than it does today and it will be paid … Continue reading

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Health reform needs disruptive innovation

Two recently published pieces illustrate how disruptive innovation must occur–and is occurring–to effectively reform our healthcare delivery system. They demonstrate how we can learn from positive deviants, individuals and organizations who are dispensing with business as usual and exploring the … Continue reading

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