State health insurance exchange takes a significant step forward

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Jonathan Seib, JD, MPA, is an Executive Policy Advisor for Governor Chris Gregoire. He has been designated by Governor Gregoire to coordinate Washington’s implementation of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Among the important achievements of the recently ended regular session of the legislature is a bipartisan vision for a state health insurance exchange. Laying the groundwork for building the exchange – essentially a more consumer friendly market for health insurance … Continue reading

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Health reform, Washington style

One of the key themes at this winter’s National Governors Association meeting was the need for the federal government to offer states flexibility, especially in relation to healthcare. An interesting question is what those states, including ours, will do with … Continue reading

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Showing off WA’s innovative aptitudes

The Governor’s February 9th roundtable with U.S. Health and Humans Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and health industry experts from around Washington State was truly exciting. At a time when much of the discussion about health reform centers on the challenges … Continue reading

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What does latest ruling on health reform law mean for WA?

The ruling Monday by a federal judge in Florida declaring the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional raises questions about the status of the health reform law in the states that brought the lawsuit, including Washington, where our Attorney General … Continue reading

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Health reform: keeping an eye on the scales

Even as we move quickly to address urgent cost and quality issues with the healthcare delivery system, it’s important to take time to recognize and avoid potential unintended consequences of any reforms we undertake. For instance, Robert Pear’s article in … Continue reading

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Adjusting to the new reality

In the wake of the Governor’s remarks that drastic cuts in the state budget will require all of us as a community to step up and help out, the Olympian published a story with the headline “Charities not likely to … Continue reading

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