Grandfathered Health Plans: Impact on Employers

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Health Care Reform might not have been possible if consumers had not been given the option to keep their existing health care plans.  People with plans in effect on March 23, 2010 (the day the law was signed) wanting to … Continue reading

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Change is exciting, necessary…and hard

In the latest addition to Local Voices, Dr. Steve Albrecht, a family physician in Olympia and 2010-2011 president of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians, talks about the changes health reform might bring to our region–and what it will take … Continue reading

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What’s Next for Health Reform?

It it’s up to us. That was the central message yesterday at Putting Health Reform into Action, an event at the Seattle Public Library sponsored by the Puget Sound Health Alliance. Featured speaker Jonathan Cohn (Sick: The Untold Story of … Continue reading

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Up and Running: Health Reform Opportunities Database

There are billions of dollars provided in the Affordable Care Act to help transform the American health care system—but how do we find the right opportunities for our organizations and communities?  Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a centralized tool that … Continue reading

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How about a community ACO?

Could we provide lower-cost, better-quality healthcare in our region by creating a physician-led Accountable Care Community? In other words, use the principles of Accountable Care Organizations–shared responsibility for coordinated, patient-centered care–but structure it around the community instead of around institutions? … Continue reading

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A call to action

In this video interview, Dr. David Lynch, Medical Director of Family Care Network in Whatcom County, provides highlights from his talk: “Some things you should know about health care reform law.” He discusses what the healthcare reform law does and … Continue reading

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