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In the latest version of Local Voices, insurance broker William Perkins weighs in on what lessons Federal reform could take from Washington State–and why he thinks the ACA is missing the target (hint: it’s all about the money). Click here … Continue reading

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What Will the Elections Mean for Health Reform?

With the public dissatisfaction shown in the 2010 midterm elections which swept into Congress a number of new members who campaigned on repealing the health reform act, proponents of the legislation like me have been concerned about the possible impact … Continue reading

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Health reform: urgent action required

In the weeks since the Nov 2 elections, which some cast as a referendum on health reform, the Governor’s office has been getting questions about what may change at the state level in response. The answer: not much. The fact … Continue reading

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WA health isurance exchange: tough questions ahead

One big piece of reform that falls to the states is developing a health insurance exchange (or opting to let the Feds do it for them), and the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s Realization Committee has put forward some … Continue reading

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What can we do to make delivery system reform a reality?

It can be hard to picture how today’s health care delivery system can morph into the best case scenario envisioned under reform–one where patients are at the center, care is coordinated across specialties and disciplines, and the focus is on … Continue reading

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Will the medical loss ratio rules drive out carriers in WA?

Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have published a Health Policy Brief that looks at some of the issues related to the “medical loss ratio” requirement in the ACA, including whether it may drive some carriers out of … Continue reading

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