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2011 looms as a year of widening gaps in Washington’s safety net (elimination of the Basic Health Plan and coverage for 65,000+ low income people, and cuts in Medicaid covered services, including dental and vision and Part D co-pays, to … Continue reading

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Understanding behavioral health and primary care integration

The Washington State Medicaid Purchasing Administration and the Aging and Disability Services Administration have been working with Barbara Mauer, MSW CMC, over the previous months to develop our understanding of behavioral health and primary care integration in the context of … Continue reading

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Will reform ease future state budget woes?

As we’re struggling to reconcile the state’s current budget shortfall, a recent Urban Institute report offers hope that health reform may afford some relief for future state budgets. The report “Net Effects of the Affordable Care Act on State Budgets” … Continue reading

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Shaving the State healthcare tab

Governor Chris Gregoire laid out recommendations today to bend Washington’s healthcare cost curve by beefing up the state’s purchasing power and using it to drive better quality and more affordable care. In the policy brief outlining the recommendations, Governor Gregoire … Continue reading

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Federal judge rules against key health reform provision

The ACA took a hit today when a federal judge in Virginia ruled that it’s unconstitutional to require people to purchase healthcare insurance. The Obama Administration plans to appeal the ruling, and noted that other federal judges have dismissed or … Continue reading

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Can the state’s small insurance companies survive reform?

As we look at the implementation of the new Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) requirements that go into effect in 2011, there are two issues that have been overlooked as unintended consequences. Before I discuss those however, I think is important … Continue reading

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