Is Healthcare Reform our Tucson, our Egypt?

Monthly Archives: February 2011

This editorial is featured in the February 2011 issue of NETWORK, the monthly provider newsletter of Physicians of Southwest Washington, and is used with permission. Before the memory of the startling recent events in Tucson begin to fade, I want … Continue reading

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Patient navigation and HIEs: positioning WA for success

In 2006, after the state of Massachusetts implemented their state mandate for health insurance coverage, the “Massachusetts Connector” was created – a system to handle complex administrative and IT procedures required to enroll hundreds of thousands of individuals into health … Continue reading

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Tackling teen pregnancy in times of limited resources

Grays Harbor County has historically had a relatively high teen pregnancy rate–some 47 pregnancies per 1,000 for girls 15-19 from 2004-2008, compared with the state rate of 31 pregnancies per 1,000 for the same period. Looking to deploy their ever-more … Continue reading

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Showing off WA’s innovative aptitudes

The Governor’s February 9th roundtable with U.S. Health and Humans Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and health industry experts from around Washington State was truly exciting. At a time when much of the discussion about health reform centers on the challenges … Continue reading

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Repealing the 1099 provision

A provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could change how all businesses report payments to suppliers for goods over the amount of $600 starting in 2012.  Section 9006 of the ACA describes a 1099 provision which would require all … Continue reading

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Safety net assessment quality incentive payments

Starting January 1, the Medicaid Purchasing Administration began a new quality incentive program under the hospital safety net assessment. Under this program, the state measures hospitals on a series of quality measures that are used to determine hospital Medicaid payments … Continue reading

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